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  • Broiled or Deep Fried boneless skineless Icelandic Haddock, caught in the icey nordic waters.
  • Haddock is served, Deep Fried or Broiled.
  • Broiled can be plain, or Swiss Style with tomato and swiss cheese, or California Style with cheddar cheese and broccoli, or Italian Style with herbed Garlic butter and Parmisan Cheese.


  • Buffet Line
  • Hot and Cold Buffet Line available for parties or meetings.
  • Go to "our services" click on buffet and group dinners"
  • Select the Buffet you would like to preview.
  • Broccoli Alfredo
  • Not always on the Menu but frequently run as one of our Specials


  • Beef Three Decker Club
  • Classic Beef Club with lettuce,tomato,bacon,mayo,beef.
  • Chicken Zing
  • Not always on the Menu but another freqeuntly run Special


  • New Counter Area
  • Hall to Rear Entrance & Bathrooms
  • Wide Handicapp Accessible Knotty Pine Hall
  • Walls are adorned with Antique Pictures & Painjtin


                                                  BREAKFAST SERVED ALL DAY!!!